Bank Account Opening

We all are well known of the need and importance of a bank account in the life of a person especially when it’s the case of being a businessman or employee. On the other hand, Dubai is famous all over the world for business establishment and trading activities at international level. It’s considered as the central point for all kinds of business at large scale. So, having a bank account is vitality in this era for the people working or residing in United Arab Emirates. One can easily save his income and withdraw it when needed. It is also obligatory due to a system running all over UAE for the smooth payment and monitoring of wages.

The government of United Arab Emirates has introduced an electronic system (developed by the Central Bank of the UAE) for the transferring of salaries to ensure full and timely payment to the people working across United Arab Emirates. This system is known as Wages Protection System (WPS). Now it’s mandatory for every existing organization, institute and company to pay its workers through this channel all over UAE. Payment is directly transferred to the bank account of an employee through this system. So having an account in any bank of UAE is necessary in this condition for company owners as well as workers. It is better to open an account in the same bank where your boss has, as the transferring process takes no time in this sense and you can get your salary the same day when it’s out.

In past, one had to personally go to a bank and fulfill the formalities to open an account. But this trouble has been shifted to convenience with the change of time in UAE. Now this process is held by agents. You just have to ready the required documents up and call an agent asking to pick them up and run through the account opening process. Usually you need the copies of your passport and visa, salary certificate and Emirates ID Card as needed formalities. After, you just have to read up the papers and sign them up provided by the agent. That’s all and you can own an account in the bank of your choice anywhere in UAE. Many a banks contain their own agents for this purpose but you can also hire an agent as well by other companies offering this service. Everybody seeks for a trusted and experienced source for account opening process as it’s the matter of his wealth, and also any illegal step can take you to the jail of Dubai.

Noor Al Samaa owes nine years of experience in providing quick, reliable and sufficient services regarding bank account opening everywhere in UAE. Our expert agents deliver smooth and easy service at quite reasonable rates. Our services are expanded over Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman and Ra’s al-Khaimah. No need to knock at any other door, just call us and our agent will be at your doorstep!


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