Dubai Free Zone Company

Dubai Free Zone Company Formation

Freezone can be defined as an indifferent isolated piece of place in a state. It’s different from a mainland domain in a sense that it demands a preferential tax along with customs and imports regime. Goods and services are traded in such economic areas, also called as Free Trade Zones. A company built up in this kind of zone is known as Freezone Company. What’s mainly different and considerable in the comparison of a Freezone and a Mainland entity is that the actual investor can own 100% of the ownership of his firm. There’s no obligatory condition of allotting shares to others in your company, so you don’t need any national partner or service agent. Free zones are specifically popular for no disclosure of company ownership directory and shareholder details.

Let’s talk about other aspects of a Freezone Company. First of all, it can perform business activities and sell products/services inside the freezone it is situated in, or outside of the relevant state. Straightly, it’s incapable of directly conduct business in the mainland zone. But sale of products and services in mainland can be done through a distributor in return for a fee or by opening branches of company which can do it easily. Secondly, as you are compelled to run business inside freezone, so you can do it through face to face meeting or business card.

Thirdly, a freezone firm can be consolidated without some office space but you can set up a smart office too. Fourthly, 1 to 6 visa deals can be availed and in case you require more, you have to hire physical space in the relevant freezone accordingly. Moreover, your freezone company doesn’t need to be approved by external authorities.

United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai is the central figure of trade and business all over the world. Entrepreneurs rush here to set up business and gain benefits from world’s largest and fastest emerging markets. Dubai freezone areas are quite attractive for businessmen due to the advantages they can get by establishing an entity there while UAE Government also supports business activities at lower tax. Freezone Companies in UAE are developed with the main purpose of importing and exporting goods. They are preferred due to easy process of set up requiring only some basic information of identity such as passport and primary paper work, which may be completed in one or two weeks. Free zones can also assist shareholders and other applicable individuals to apply for visa or in opening of corporate bank accounts.

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