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Mainland Company Setup

  • A mainland company can be defined as a company having a license from Department of Economic Development. It is an onshore kind of company that can run business in the local markets of the relevant Emirates as well as outside of it without any restriction. A Mainland Company lies in the category of Limited Liability Company which is limited to its shares. Two to fifty persons can be shareholders in this type of company and this one is ancient and most famous form in the international market.
  • Dubai is considered as the central point of business and trade all over the world. It’s a land of opportunities as every kind of business activities are conducted here. So everybody wishes to start a new business in Dubai, rich of perfect resources for a successful and smooth running of business. A number of firms work in Mainland Area of Dubai with ease. Private business empires are allowed by DED (Dubai Economic Department) to drive their commercial business tasks in a specific geographical area called as Dubai Mainland.
  • To run a Mainland company in United Arab Emirates, it is crucial to have a UAE national whether it is corporate or individual one. A UAE national owner owns minimum 51% of shares in his company while other shareholders are granted with remaining 49% of shares. But in case if the owner is a foreigner, he then holds 49% of ownership of the company. 140 square foot office space is mandatory requirement to get a license for Mainland Company. What’s to consider is you are allocated with a visa for an increase of per 80 square foot in office space. You need an approval of mainland license from Department of Economic Development, Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of interiors or Immigration. Besides, third party approvals are also needed according to the relevancy of department like education, food, health, real estate etc.
  • It’s wise to lay a business setup in Dubai in Mainland Zone. Firstly, you don’t have to face any tax in case of corporate or personal tax. Secondly, no limitation is imposed to get employment visas. Thirdly, there is no yearly auditing. Fourthly, no restrictions have to be faced on recruitment or legal documents processing. Also you can avail affordable space for office at reasonable charges.


A Mainland company is lawful Entitle which can be operate both from outside and inside the country without any hassles. The big benefits of formation of Mainland Company include: You are independent to choose Assumption in any area of Dubai. The eligibility to conduct a huge range of Business Activities and freedom to do business anywhere in and outside United Arab Emirates according to country law, a mainland company requires a local Sponsor.

LLC Sponsorship

Noor Al Samaa Provides a Best and Cooperative Nominee to act as your 51% sponsor in Dubai. Our objective is to provide you 100% control on your license, while save your shareholder rights in you LLC Company. The agreement and all related documents used and drafted by first-level legal consultant. We believe our local sponsor is the best available in the market. Our sponsorship services will give you all documentation to secure your business and financial rights or your business. We are the pioneer in Dubai, our team of 20 employees provide the combined services to deliver ongoing support in company setup, license renewal, visa and more. We have best relation to our clients they appreciate us because we are too much friendly and cooperative with them.

For LLC company we will assist you in establishing any of the below entities in Dubai mainland.

  • Branch
  • Representative Office
  • Sole Establishment (single owner)
  • Civil Company (Partners)

Local Sponsor

One of the most asking question by the fresh client is whether they need a local sponsor to start business in Dubai. The answer depend of many reasons, including your nature of business you want to start and your nationality.

If you are non GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) National and setup a business in Dubai mainland with an industrial or commercial license, then the answer is yes, you must will need to partner with a local sponsor. If however you are start business in free zone or your business activity covered by civil company or professional license, in that case local sponsor is not required.

If your license does require a local sponsor, Noor Al Samaa is ready to help.

If you need Mainland LLC license in which you will have 49% ownership and 51% will be local sponsor, but the profit will be 100% yours and the local sponsor will not be interfere in your business and profit.

Mainland Licenses 

Basic requirement for all business activities in United Arab Emirates related to mainland is to have license in one of the below categories.

  • Commercial Trade licenses covering all kinds of activities.
  • Industrial licenses for doing industrial or manufacturing activities.
  • Professional licenses covering professions, services, craftsmen and artisans.

Mainland Activities

Mainland company license gives you access to many of business activities. Activities can at times even be Package if your business idea Cover into two defined licenses. With some activities you need special approval from the relevant government department and Noor Al Samaa will guide you here from beginning to end.

  • Gym
  • Hospitality 
  • Pest Control 
  • Cleaning Services
  • Information Technology
  • Export-Import
  • Retail 
  • Event and Entertainment 
  • Healthcare 
  • Manufacturing 

Noor Al Samaa is presenting reliable services for Mainland Company Registration in Dubai. We have experience of more than 9 years in this regard and are skilled in providing 100% legal and sufficient outputs for Mainland Company Registration to every kind of enterprises. Our competent team is capable of contenting our clients through quick progress on equitable price. Noor Al Samaa has established its credibility in providing complete package solutions on company formation, registration, setup and all other relevant services in this respect. We are also offering discount package for those who need mainland company registration in Dubai but can’t afford expensive rates. Grab our offer and get your Mainland Company registered today!

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